These are the original blocks that have been owned by the family for over 3 decades now. Originally there was a mix of Wine grapes, Table grapes, Citrus and avocados. Over the years the family has focused on Citrus & all other products were slowly converted over. Then, in 2011, The original family block in Gol Gol, was converted into a Fig Plantation. This started as one small patch and has now grown in size – to 35 acres of fully producing trees, which are trellised and 100% shade cloth covered.

This state of the art Plantation produces 4 different varieties of figs – between January – May. This fruit is sold both domestically & also exported.

The majority of our Farms in NSW are however citrus, with roughly 300 acres currently. We grow many varieties here including:

  1. Oranges (Navels & Valencias)
  2. Mandarins (Imperial, Amigo, Murcotts),
  3. Tangello
  4. Blood Oranges & Cara Cara,
  5. Lemons
  6. Grapefruit (Ruby)
  7. Buddhas Hand


Purchased in 2018, the family has expanded production up north, which will provide customers with a greater variety of products that the family grows themselves, and will also extend the supply of existing lines. The farms are currently producing the following lines:

  1. Honey Murcotts
  2. Lemons
  3. Imperials
  4. Grapefruit (Ruby)
  5. Limes