SimFresh distributing Barakat Juices for the first time in Australia


Australia’s leading Citrus Packaging Sheds- Sim Fresh- based in the fruit growing heartland of Mildura - is pleased to announce that they will be distributing a new and unique range of pure and flavoursome juices straight from Barakat Juices in Dubai- for the first time in Australia. By December, Australian restauranteurs, hoteliers and café owners will have access to some of the freshest juices in the world.

Launching a tailored-made range of 26 juices specific for the Australian trade market including- Strawberry Juice, Kiwi Mini and Lemonade Juice – the range of these fresh juices will be available for purchase Monday 7 December, 2015- just in time for summer.

Sim Fresh is a family-owned business that has been operating for more than 20 years- having a firm footing in both domestic and export markets. Whilst exporting Australian citrus fruits to Barakat Juices, Sim Fresh has taken an interest in the Dubai company’s strong focus on natural ingredients and geographically advantage to having access to fresh quality fruits from all over the globe.

Still heavily involved in the business, the next generation of the Simonetta family will be focusing on distributing these fresh juices to Australia, which will be available for purchase Monday 7 December, 2015- just in time for summer.

Served fresh, alive and straight from the best quality of fruits from all around the world, Barakat Juices offers every flavour of fruit without having to wait for them to be in seasons- so you can enjoy your favourite fruit juice all year round.

Our juices are ideal for hotels and cafes- with the freshly prepared Barakat juices distributed frozen and the range of juices can be stored frozen for up to six months” said Sim Fresh’s – Amanda Cini.

The range of 26 juices tailored especially for the Australian market – are available 1 Ltr volumes with a range of other sizes available to suit all needs. The Barakat Juices enable hoteliers and restaurant owners to not showcase a range of 100% freshly squeezed juices such as standards classics like Orange Juice, Pineapple Juice and Carrot Juice.

With Barakat Juices ‘fruit- to-bottle’ philosophy you will taste the pristine flavours and freshness of the fruit juices with no additives and preservatives, Sim Fresh are offering only the highest quality juice to Australian hoteliers and restaurant owners.

“We are determined to offer the best ingredients and flavours on the planet to our Australian customer-based- with dedicated scientist’s carefully and strategically blending juices together to achieve the perfect flavour combination- you will never taste fruit juice the same” said Cini.

Barakat Juices will be is offering attractive sales incentives for January 2016 to our new customers who support our initial launch into the Australian market place:

Five percent off orders of 30 cartons or more. Place order your now:


Jonathon Simonetta
Sales Manager
Sim Fresh
(0458) 987-317

Barakat Juices

Barakat aims at ensuring that ‘fresh & healthy products’ reach households without preservatives - offering produces that are honest, healthy and host a range of nature’s freshness that will re-ignite your quest for good health.

Introduced to the United Arab Emirates in 2002 - Barakat have since won the confidence of a flourishing customer & fan-base with their 100% fresh juices. Barakat has continually set high benchmarks in every field of operation be it sourcing, producing, suppling or environmental sustainability- with a preserved tradition of offering only fresh juices, cut and packaged fruits and vegetables.