Employment at Simfresh
Position: Office Administration Role

Position: Office Administration Role

Simfresh is looking for 5 experienced office administrators

The Job will be located in Gol Gol NSW. The primary role of the applicant will be a welfare and wellbeing officer for the Simfresh employees under the pacific labour and seasonal worker programs – the role will also include some general office administration work.

This is offered as a full time role.

The role will include:

  1. Holding bi weekly meetings across all three simfresh locations with all pacific labour employees
  2. Attending to daily tasks associated with the pacific labour employees living in australia
  3. Record keeping for both PLS and SWP programs
  4. Liaising with officials from the PLS and SWP programs 
  5. Helping to coordinate and maintain Simfresh accommodation
  6. Helping with recruitments plans for new recruitments of pacific employees
  7. Helping with any quarantine requirements and moving employees between locations

Minimum Requirements

  • Must have computer skills including outlook, word and excel
  • A drivers licence
  • Must consent to a drug and alcohol test and provide a clean result
  • Any languages spoken from the Pacific Islands would be looked upon favourably – as there will be daily communication with people from Tonga, Nauru, Vanuatu, Kiribati.

Indicative hours of work will be:

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm – there will most probably be some weekend work involved as well.

The Position will be covered under the clerical and administration award level 1 (year 1) and the role will commence in October 2021. Once competency is shown – your classification will increase & so too will your salary.

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